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Mr. Orange

Que's father used to run a Fruit Store in Kwun Tong 觀塘, Hong Kong. She has fond memories of going to the infamous Yau Mei Tei Wholesale Fruit Market with him at 2 a.m to stock up on all of the fresh seasonal fruits when she was little. When he passed away in 2013 while she was at university, Que created this animation in his memory.


When Kwun Tong was being developed, it combined its residential, commercial and industrial areas. Like many other major cities, the burgeoning population meant that Kwun Tong was soon subject to gentrification. The limited land available eventually incentivised the government to redevelop the entire Kwun Tong district; this unfortunately spread to Que's neighbourhood.


The downsides of gentrification - such as the replacement of local businesses and food stalls with global chains and office blocks - are generally outweighed by the positives, but seeing the destruction of the places where Que's memories with her father live has left its mark. By capturing her personal memories of these locations, Que hopes to allow them to live on.

Created by Que @ Orangery Studio

Music & Sound Design by Johnny Wong

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