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Design & Illustration

Gweilo Theatre Play

Creating marketing materials for the original theatrical adaptations of the novel “Gweilo” by Martin Booth.

Renowned novelist Martin Booth came to settle in British colony Hong Kong in the 50s when his father was assigned here by the British army. His childhood coincided with how this city grew to be one of the most prosperous metropolises in the world. He has a direct experience of East meeting West. In 2002 he was diagnosed brain cancer, which induced him to write a memoir of his unforgettable relationship with this Eastern gem. He died shortly after he finished Gweilo:

Although Hong Kong is no longer a colony, this history is part of the present identity. In the last hundred years, there have been a number of people with similar experience of Martin Booth. Based upon Gweilo, Pants Theatre Production looks for similar stories to enrich the original story and create a new bilingual solo performance and examine the distinctive colonial history of Hong Kong through the lens of a golden boy.

Presented by Hong Kong Federation of Drama Societies

Co-presented by Hong Kong Repertory Theatre

Produced by Pants Theatre Production

Supported by Hong Kong Arts Development Council

Illustration & Design - Que @ Orangery Studio

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